Twleve by Twleve Month 7 LAUGHTER
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Monday, July 27, 2015
By Laurel
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This month's theme is laughter. 

I had a few pictures from a previous head shot session that I thought I would use of Sweet B.  To make the kids I photograph have a natural smile, I break out the fart machine or I use my "secret trick" which works everytime.  These two of B were true laughter smiles. 





I wasn't planning on adding of my kids this time...but....

I took my son out to get some shots of him with his new team hockey hat.  I told him to give me his best model look.  I got this. 

laughter 2mweb


And for some reason that made me laugh... so the rest are of him making me laugh. Too bad there wasn't any volume to share. 

And with this one I was bummed about being able to see his gum, but the more I thought about it... this is so him.  He is a gum chewer... ALL.  OF.  THE.  TIME

laughter 4mweb



laughter 3mweb


laughter 1mweb


Thanks for stopping by. 

Don't forget to travel our circle.  Next up is Amy from Apple Street Productions

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Amy - These are great! Such beautiful kids :)