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Monday, April 27, 2015
By Laurel
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My favorite color.

When I saw this month's topic I was quite excited, but as the days went by I thought... this isn't going to be as easy as I thought.  

My favorite color... to wear?  Ask my family and friends and they will probably tell you black.  That's all I wear so it must be black.  And while yes, I do wear lots of black, my favoite color is navy blue.  I tend to stick with classic, neutral colors because they never go out of style.  

But my favoite color right now out of fashion is gray.  We are planning on painting the house gray.  I have someone getting ready to paint our kitchen cabinets gray.  We are looking at new living room furniture... gray of course. 

However, it was blue that I took pictures of.  And again I stuggled with out of the box thinking.

iphone pics

This sign appeared downtown and I just love the saying.  Check out that blue sky!



My son went fishing with my husband. 



A Tampa Bay Lightning playoff game



The sky one morning



A day at the beach



Canon pics

A minaret at the University of Tampa against the blue sky.

fave color1


Go Bolts!

fave color2


My 6yo son made the Mite Junior Bulls travel team.  After pracrice one evening, the coaches presented the kids with their shirts and sitckers on their helmets.





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Brooke - Love this! Love seeing all that blue :) Congrats to your son, as well! Such an amazing accomplishment!
Laurel Riffey - Thanks Brooke!