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Wednesday, December 30, 2015
By Laurel
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Well, here we are... the last month of our journey linking 12 photographers from across the country on a monthly blogging theme.  This months theme was chosen by yours truly last December.  I chose CELEBRATION.   And while I had grand plans of turning the Canon on my family, I fell short.  But there's always the iphone. 


Each year we go and make that mouse a little richer.  We've been doing it since Brooke was 2 years old and have just continued the tradition. It's like our kick off of the Christmas season, how we start to CELEBRATE Christmas.  We arrive around the same time.  We eat in the same place, do the same route, standing in the same spot to watch the parade.  The kids love it every year!

2015-12-04 18.03.55-1


2015-12-04 18.07.13


2015-12-04 18.59.53


2015-12-04 19.01.49


2015-12-04 19.16.53


2015-12-04 19.29.07


2015-12-04 21.52.25


2015-12-04 22.21.50-1


2015-12-04 23.56.02


2015-12-04 23.57.58


Please continue the circle by visiting the ever talented baby whisperer Tiffany.

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Laurel Riffey - It's true! you should hear how my husband says it... in the voice of Mickey! Thanks for organizing it Brooke!
Laurel Riffey - I'm so glad you were able to join us! It was super fun!
Kristie S. - Love that you shared your Disney celebration. You guys are the cutest and what a wonderful tradition! Thanks for inviting me to join the 12's. I don't know that I would have blogged without it! Ha! It has been fun getting to know everyone through their blogs! : )
Brooke - Love it :) We celebrated there a lot this month, too. "Making the mouse richer" has me laughing for days! Thanks for a great year and being part of the circle :)