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Monday, October 26, 2015
By Laurel
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This month's theme... EYES. 

Every month I have great intentions to go out of the box, but with it being the busy season....

I'll have to settle with pictures of my children.  I love capturing their personality and their eyes. Payne has the most amamzing blue eyes amd Brooke has the best shaped eyes and her eyebrows are to die for!

I think it's a proverb... but EYES are the window to the soul and I truly believe it!


Brooke 11yo 4m web


Payne may 13 1fb web


Thanks for stopping by.  Please continue the circle with Tampa family photographer, Brooke of Hamilton Creek Photography


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Laurel Riffey - Thanks Melissa!
Laurel Riffey - Thanks Tiffany!
Tiffany - Your kids have great eyes. Beautiful pics as always!
Melissa Korta - Your kids (and their eyes) are gorgeous!
Brooke - LOVE her eyebrows, too! Such gorgeous kids, why not just photograph them for the blog circle! I had a mom fail this month and didn't get enough of my own kiddos this time around!