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Twelve by Twelve Month 9 NOSTALGIA
Monday, September 28, 2015
By Laurel
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Another month and and another struggle as to how I could interpret this month's theme .... NOSTALGIA.  And two weeks ago I read an article in the Tampa Bay Business Journal and the light bulb turned on.


I'm taking it back to my college years ... back when in I graduated from high school up in Fort Walton Beach and I decided to get out of town. I attended the University of Maryland in Munich, Germany.  My dad (who was in the military) got orders to Frankfurt, Germany and my family left the summer before my senior year.  I stayed behind to finish up with all of my friends. Once I graduated HS I jumped on a plane and flew to Germany.

I couldn't wait to see the world. 

And boy did I.


I'm sure most know that there is no drinking age in Germany.  And if you are on base, it's 18 and I was certainly that. 


I started my freshman year in Munich knowing one girl from HS who just happened to be there too.  I met lots of people and spent many hours drinking, barely getting a passing GPA my first semster.  Something I'm not proud of but something I would NEVER trade.  I saw the world.  And it was worth every moment.


So back to the business journal... announcing that the Hofbräuhaus was opening. I couldn't wait to go and see if it would be the same.  And it was.  Brought back so many memories!!!

Most that know me know that I don't drink much anymore.  I fullfilled that square during my two years in Munich and then some.  So when it came time to order a beer I ordered the small one.  My husband told to order the liter and we'd share it.  When it arrived it smelled and tasted JUST like I remember.  Another moment I'm not proud of but I could put 4-5 of these away in a night a walk home.  I think on this day I drank most of it.

So there... that's my nostalgia story as portrayed by my iphone pics.














Me and my husband.


And don't laugh... I found a picture of me back in the day and put it up next to the one I took last week.  Boy, I still look so young!  Pfff.... must be the beer talking!



Prost people!!!! 

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Holiday mini session info
Wednesday, August 26, 2015
By Laurel
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Annoucing my holiday mini session info. 


Twelve by Twelve month 5 SOFT
Wednesday, May 27, 2015
By Laurel
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This month's theme... SOFT. 

Nothing screams soft more than a comy bed with crisp, white sheets and two of your most treasured loves!




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Twleve by Twelve month 4 Favorite color
Monday, April 27, 2015
By Laurel
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My favorite color.

When I saw this month's topic I was quite excited, but as the days went by I thought... this isn't going to be as easy as I thought.  

My favorite color... to wear?  Ask my family and friends and they will probably tell you black.  That's all I wear so it must be black.  And while yes, I do wear lots of black, my favoite color is navy blue.  I tend to stick with classic, neutral colors because they never go out of style.  

But my favoite color right now out of fashion is gray.  We are planning on painting the house gray.  I have someone getting ready to paint our kitchen cabinets gray.  We are looking at new living room furniture... gray of course. 

However, it was blue that I took pictures of.  And again I stuggled with out of the box thinking.

iphone pics

This sign appeared downtown and I just love the saying.  Check out that blue sky!



My son went fishing with my husband. 



A Tampa Bay Lightning playoff game



The sky one morning



A day at the beach



Canon pics

A minaret at the University of Tampa against the blue sky.

fave color1


Go Bolts!

fave color2


My 6yo son made the Mite Junior Bulls travel team.  After pracrice one evening, the coaches presented the kids with their shirts and sitckers on their helmets.





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Twleve by Twelve month 3 COMFORT
Friday, March 27, 2015
By Laurel
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When I hear the word comfort, I think yummy of food and a big bed dressed in clean, crisp, white sheets and lots of fluffy pillows.  And while I don't think a blog post of food and beds would be worthy of looking and reading about.... I'll go to the next best thing.  My kids and the beach.  My kids bring me comfort with their hugs and unconditional love and the beach.... well it's just so peaceful and that is comforting.  So I took the kids out to a beach. Bribed them and they humored me with their smiles and posing.

BandP2 March 16web

BandP7 March 16web

BandP4bdm March 16web

Brooke3 March 16web

Brooke5bdm March 16web

Brooke6 March 16web

Brooke8bdm March 16web

Payne2 March 16web

Payne6bdm March 16web

Payne3 March 16web


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