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This is Us
Friday, January 30, 2015
By Laurel
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Welcome to the first post of our Twelve by Twelve collaboration.  I'm so excited to be a part of an unique group of ladies.  Each month has a theme and all of us will be individually blogging pictures on how we interpret that theme.  At the end of each post will we have a link to another photographer within our circle eventually linking back up to me. 


This will definitely be a year of challeneges and pushing myself as a person and a photographer to "think out of the box" and "think and be out of my comofort zone".  I want to use these themes to focus on my family but also take these themes and focus on my photography clients/community as well.  And with that.... this is how Us looks to me!


Us.  I struggled with how I could accurately show my family as Us.  How could I turn my professional camera on Us?  Not easy.  So the first images you will see are from my iphone so please excuse the quality.

Happy New Year.  Our first family photo of 2015

Blog circle iPhone pics -US

Me and my son Payne

Blog circle iPhone pics -US


We live and breath hockey in our house.  We have season tickets this year.  Here are both of my kids watching some entertainment between periods.

Blog circle iPhone pics -US


It's strawberry season time!  Took the kids to get shakes and shortcakes. 

Blog circle iPhone pics -US


Toasting Marshmallows for S'mores.

Blog circle iPhone pics -US


Me and my 3rd child.... oh I mean my husband Kevin.

Blog circle iPhone pics -US


Us at the Gasprilla Children's parade.  My husband is a Rough Rider and we get to ride on the floats and hand out beads to the screaming crowds for the Children's parade with him.

Blog circle iPhone pics -US


Me with my mini me Brooke.

Blog circle iPhone pics -US


And here are a couple with the "nice" camera.

Our life also revolves around golf.  Both of my kids play and so does my husband.  My son was actually named after a famous golfer. The next couple of  shots are thinking about of the box.... where Us spends time together. 


Topgolf just opened up here in Tampa and is loads of fun even if you are not a golfer.



And when we are not at home or on the course, we are at the rink.  Here is Payne taking his weekly private lesson with Chris. 


Thanks for stopping by!

Now, on to the next participate in the blog circle, Brooke Hamilton of Hamilton Creek Photography - see her "us” blog post here.

The The dream skate.... Thundersrtuck kid
Thursday, January 29, 2015
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Back on October 28, 2014 my son was given the opportunity to be the kid skater before the Tampa Bay Lightning game.

He was super excited and nervous at the same time but ROCKED it.  Here are some of the shots I was able to get.


Lightning hockey skate1 web


Lightning hockey skate2 web


Lightning hockey skate3 web


Lightning hockey skate4 web


My favorite shot that I had blown up into a canvas for his room.

Lightning hockey skate7edit1 web


Lightning hockey skate6 web

Payne standing with the players during the national anthem.  He stood next to Tyler Johnson... my daugher's favorite player.  I saw Payne talking to him and when he got off the ice I asked him what he said.  Payne said that he told Tyler that his sister was his biggest fan.  How sweet. 

Lightning hockey skate11 web


We were able to put a Gopro camra on his helemt.  If you'd like to see it you can click here to watch it.