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The M family
Thursday, October 08, 2015
By laurel
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I am thirlled with these photos. 

And so was the mom. 

She must have said she loved them about 10 times throughout our text exchange!  Nothing makes me happier when the mom is in love with her photos.

We had to reschedule because of rain last week.  And I was driving over to the Clearwater Marina I could see the black cloud.  As soon as I pulled up to the marina it started pouring.  Thank goodness it was a qucik passing shower which left some amazing clouds.

I was thrilled to be using their families boat! 

These are a few of my favorites!

Beth15s web

Beth12s web

Beth18s web

Beth21s web





Twelve by twelve month 6 GROUNDED
Monday, June 29, 2015
By Laurel
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I'm not going to lie... this month FLEW by and the theme... well let's just say I take everything so literal that I had a hard time on how to interpret "grounded". 

So, I googled the defintion and Merriam-Webster states that grounded used as an adjective is

—used to describe a person who is sensible and has a good understanding of what is really important in life


And the literal part of me knew exactly what grounded meant to me. 

It means these 3 in the picture below, they are what is important in my life.  They are the three that make our family a whole.   


There. I knew what I wanted to photograph... it was a matter of when being I just figured it all out the other day... the clock was ticking...and I almost decided to pass on this month. 

So off to the beach we went to watch the sunset and to capture my GROUNDED.   

beach 6 27 1web


beach 6 27 2 web


beach 6 27 4web

  Thanks for stopping by. 

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The E family
Thursday, May 22, 2014
By Laurel
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I photographed these kids years ago and I love that they came back.  This time mom wanted the whole family and I loved everything about it!  I absolutely love photographing here.